A Whole New Meaning Of Self From The Swiffer Mud Girl
August 12, 2011



Commercials today have become the central marketing hub during any major event on television.  A particular favorite of late is the Swiffer commercials, donning that oh so famous tune, “What About Love?” where Mud and Dirt are having a girl conversation.

As humans, and most likely, as women, we have surely gone through some type of heartache, heartbreak, or moment of questioning.  Like two old girl friends, Mud and Dirt found themselves asking, “Do you think we’ll ever find ‘the one’?  Now, while the metaphor is obviously a bit cheesy, there’s something within the message that is nothing short of true, inspiring, and authentic.  Swiffer uses the metaphor for a reason – it works.  It’s effective marketing and advertising because the central message is something that is very realistic.  People do ask themselves often if this could be THE job, THE house, THE car, THE salary, or THE freedom to live our lives in peace.   Women DO ask each other if they think the other will find love.

It is usually in this time of intense questioning, reflection, and meditation that we can encounter the most distraction.  An ex-boyfriend calls us out of the blue, like in the movie The Adjustment Bureau.   We all of a sudden become aware of a huge bill we have to pay on the spot, likely to the lovely IRS, just as our business should be taking off.  Just when we thought the relationship was good, we find out something that devastates us and seems to rip all our hopes to shreds in one moment.

These are the enemies of distraction and they come to steal, kill, and destroy who we are to the core.  Most of the time, we allow them to misalign us. Then, our mind and heart become like a tennis with one another, battling back and forth – game, set, match.

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