Hate your job
April 12, 2013 What To Do When You Hate Your Job?

  Let’s be honest – your work takes up most of your day. If you take away the time needed for sleeping, eating, and errands, you can most likely break up the day into 80% work and only 20% everything else. This means that if you hate your job, your boss, or the company you [...]

unconditional love 1 butterfly universe
November 03, 2012 The Way Of Unconditional Love – Give Love, For That Is What You Are

The love we often feel and give to the world is self serving, personal love. We feel love in response to some condition, quality, desire, or need. In personal love, we are drawn to and love those who are loving to us, provide us with some resource, fill a craving or desire for gratification, or [...]

what is hope loss loved one
April 06, 2012 You Don’t Know What You Have Until It’s Gone – A True Story

The saying, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” is absolutely true. However, many times people often don’t realize it until the situation has come and passed. There has been an event in my life in which this phrase was extremely relevant. Never the less, I was lucky enough to nip it in [...]

to be self aware 1 being present
April 01, 2012 Being Present and Aware: Ousting Our Automatic Pilot

Have you ever had the experience of driving to a familiar destination and being completely on automatic pilot?  You arrived safely but you were not in the least self aware of the process of how you got to be at point B from point A. If you have had this experience, you will recognize that [...]

celebrating self love
March 18, 2012 How To Celebrate Love Without Being In A Romantic Relationship

For those who are in relationships, romantic dates are a wonderful opportunity to show love and appreciation for your significant other. Chocolate and candles (and maybe some good wine) fill the atmosphere as the world takes time to celebrate all those who are in love. That leaves a question, however—what if you aren’t in a [...]

loving self care tips 1 candles heart
3 Ways To Practice Loving Self Care Without Spending A Dime Summer is still here and with that your calendar is filled to the max. You are loving all the backyard
our glory days 1 self perception proud lion
Are Past Glory Days Holding Us Back? We all have glory days. Maybe your glory days are a period of life-changing career and financial success.
girlfriends club 1 lunch party
Create A Special Girlfriends Club To Be The Best Friend And Sister Possible My sister, sisters-in-law and I, created this special girlfriends club to express what we mean to each
crossroads what is hope
Crossroads of Competition and Collaboration: A New Life Can Begin There Crossroads are a distinctive choice point: a place where one makes decisions, surmounts obstacles, and
know your boundaries 2 to be self aware hearts
Know Your Boundaries – Practice Saying No Like Weight Training Do you find yourself saying ‘yes’ when you want to say ‘no’ or cave in when others ask for your
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